Helping deaf people in the developing world

The Aud-M-Ed Trust is a small charity run by medical and clinical professionals based in the North West of England. It is dedicated to helping deaf people in developing countries.


Deafness tends to be overlooked as a cause of disability. Deaf children may develop very poor speech, resulting in poor education, and poor emotional development and many deaf adults are often unemployed and socially isolated. Yet worldwide deafness is a very common disability, with the World Health Organisation estimating that at least 350 million people, of which at least 32 million are children. About 80% live in low or middle income countries where resources to prevent deafness and help those who are affected are very limited. There are many causes of deafness in developing countries and probably around 50% are preventable. There is a lack of trained people for detection, diagnosis and management; insufficient equipment and repair services; little in the way of hearing aid services. What few trained people there are have little or no opportunity to keep up-to-date.

The Trustees have experience of working with deaf children and adults in Britain and in developing counties and have helped provide training for others coming to Britain from more disadvantaged economies. The aims of the Aud-M-Ed Trust are to:

  • Raise awareness of the causes of deafness
  • Train people to detect, diagnose and manage deafness in children and adults
  • Provide specialised equipment
  • Enable professionals to attend updating courses and conferences
  • Fund research in areas of need

Our resources are limited and we need your help.