Chairman Prof. Valerie Newton

Valerie Newton
Valerie Newton Professor Emerita in Audiological Medicine, Manchester University. Experience of teaching in Kenya, Ghana, Mongolia and Thailand and projects in Kenya, China and Botswana.Particular interests: causes and detection of hearing impairment.

Secretary Frances Tweedy

Frances Tweedy
Frances Tweedy is a retired audiologist, formerly a lecturer in audiology, who has an interest in the developing world, having visited and taught at the University of Nairobi on several occasions.

Treasurer Dr Gillian Painter

Gillian Painter
Gillian Painter completed an MSc in audiological medicine in Manchester in 1987 and took up a post in paediatric audiology in 1988 in Central Manchester where she have been working as a consultant for the last 18 years. Gillian is also the team leader for the Manchester newborn hearing screening programme which is one of the largest in England. She is involved in training of doctors in Audiovestibular medicine and has been treasurer of Aud-M-Ed Trust since it was formed.

Dr David Rose

David Rose
David Rose, of Stockport NHS Trust – Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon(Retired). Special interest in Children’s Audiology and ear surgery. Manchester University Graduate Mb ChB. FRCS. DLO Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh Diploma of Oto-laryngology Joint Royal Colleges of London Trained in Manchester, Sheffield, Zurich University, Switzerland Consultant ENT Surgeon in Stockport, Coordinator of a Newborn Hearing Screening Programme- one of the first Pilot sites in England A founder trustee of Aud-M-Ed.

Vivienne Rowson

Vivienne Rowson
Vivienne Rowson joined the staff of what was then the Department of Audiology and Education of the Deaf at Manchester University as a very green lecturer in Audiology in 1968, became part-time in 1997 as part of an early retirement package and finally retired in 2000. Her only qualification for the post was a degree in physics which enabled her to teach some of the courses on the physics of sound. The rest of her time in the first year was spent attending clinics and relevant lectures on the post graduate Diploma course in Audiology. This course eventually developed into 3 Masters courses and these were the ones she was most involved with throughout her time in the department giving teaching on audiological assessment, hearing aids and noise induced hearing loss as well as basic acoustics. The courses took students not only from the UK but many other parts of the world, particularly, but not only, developing countries.

Dr Dolores Umapathy

Dolores Umapathy is a retired consultant and trainer in Audiovestibular Medicine, Bolton, Greater Manchester and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. She first trained and worked in in paediatric Audiological Medicine in East Berkshire (after a long period in Adult Internal Medicine), where she gained the MSc in Audiological medicine. She then joined the higher specialist training and worked in Audiovestibular Medicine in London, at major teaching hospitals (St Georges Tooting, Great Ormond Street, the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospitals), gaining invaluable clinical, teaching and research experience.

Special areas of interest were diagnosis of the causes of hearing loss in Paediatrics and adults, including detailed genetic investigations and adult vestibular and balance problems, setting up an effective and holistic service in Bolton for the latter. She was also involved in a charity (Shravana) for paediatric hearing loss in Hyderabad, India, helping with acquisition of some equipment, hearing aids and teaching and training paediatric audiological scientists and ENT staff through site visits and workshops in Hearing and Balance problems.

She has been a trustee in Aud-M-Ed since 2014