Links to Other Organisations

The British Association of Audiological Physicians

BAAP provides a forum for discussion in Audiological Medicine.

The British Association of Paediatricians in Audiology

An association of paediatricians practising audio-vestibular medicine which has made significant contributions to the education of clinicians in the field of paediatric audiology.

Sound Seekers

Sound Seekers delivers practical solutions to help deaf people earn and learn in the developing world.

Hearing International

A non-governmental organisation linking HI/IFOS/ISA accredited centres across the world. They produce a newsletter and organise annual conferences.

IAPA – the International Association of Physicians in Audiology

The International Association of Physicians in Audiology with a Journal “Audiological Medicine”. They organise annual conferences.

IFOS –¬†International Federation of ORL Societies

A Federation of Otolaryngological Societies. They organise conferences and send out a newsletter.

Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz Band

An excellent Manchester-based Jazz band, playing since October 1982. They have played at numerous Aud-M-Ed events and come highly recommended.